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Default Re: Scaled Images of Wilt/Dwight/McGee etc wingspans and height w/o shoes:

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
there isn't a 4 inch advantage in the image, it is about 2 which is approximately what it should be at - you guys are complaining about and exaggerating the differences more than it actually is. So someone scales Wilt next to some modern players and he looks a bit abnormally big - your surprised? Why the hell would his peers talk about him like an unrivaled freak if he was just some run of the mill big?

How about you think about this logically for once, Tyson is 6'11" and half without shoes, Amare was 6"8 and a half without shoes. And no, there isn't a 2" difference between Tyson and Wilt, there's a 1.5" difference between them without shoes, however in your scaled picture the gap between them is actually the same as the one between Amare and Tyson 3". I lined up and overlayed the gap in PS, you have basically scaled Wilt to 7"3 or 7"4 in shoes.

Here you go

Blue and green are exactly the same size, red is exactly 1 pixel bigger than the gap between Amare and Tyson. Your picture is showing a 3" and some change difference between 7"0 1/2 (in shoes) Tyson and Wilt, which makes Wilt 7"4 and change in your scaled pic.
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