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Default Re: CIA Director Patreus steps down.

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
Seriously dude, you cannot be this polluted in your head. The outrage isn't over the actual attack. The outrage is over the bullshit YOUR government has been feeding you ever since the attack happened.

The Vice President admits on television he wasn't aware of prior demands for ramped up security, and the President didn't know the head of the CIA was being investigated by the FBI for a possible security breach???

No one in that administration knows what the hell is going on and no one is taking responsibility for it. Had this been a Republican administration, you'd all be outraged and would be crying for impeachment. Dare to disagree???

Outside of a few kooks there was no cry for the impeachment of President Bush with all that went on during his administration and outside of a few kooks there won't be any calls for impeachment of President Obama over what has happened during his administration thus far. I do agree a thorough investigation should take place to find out what happened, how there was a break down and how we can fix it so it never happens again. All the hysteria from both sides needs to stop.
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