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Default Re: New York Knicks (6-0) vs. Memphis Grizzlies (6-1), 9:30 PM EST, ESPN

Originally Posted by Shepseskaf
No one wants to follow up a great game by complaining about the officiating, but when its bad, its just bad. The refs were definitely a factor, and when that happens, it will be discussed.

Its agreed that Woodson should have come out with a different game plan and gone bigger, but the fact remains that especially in the 3rd quarter, the officiating was horrible. It was easy to see.

Maybe Memphis still wins the game without the bad calls -- right now, they're the best team in the league -- but it would have been great to see what would have developed had the Knicks not been hampered by the refs.

Very well put. I don't remember a game where the refs more clearly and decisively influenced a game. They should demoted for a time. As should Tyson 0 rebounds Chandler.
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