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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief (Video) Raises Tensions on Both Sides of Gaza

Originally Posted by bmulls
Because nobody wants them, not even other Arabs. It's actually quite hilarious. You've got the Egyptian PM visiting Palestine and denouncing Israeli treatment of Palestinians. Meanwhile Egypt shares a border with Gaza and could take them in any time they wanted. And guess what they do? They guard that shit with tanks.

Google "Black September". Jordan let a whole shit load of Palestinians into their country shortly after the formation of Israel. The Palestinians proceeded to try to take over the country by force. The Jordanians ended up killing hundreds of thousands of them.

The Arab world supports Palestine when it's convenient for them and when it serves their needs, IE whenever they can take shots at Israel. The rest of the time they want nothing to do with them.
So truthful. Anyone who actually talked to any arabs or egpytians would know that they consider Palestinians to be trash, basically in an Arab's mind, Palestinians are only above Israelis.

In other words they hate the Palestinians and want absolutely nothing to do with them. The Egyptian border is right there, if Egypt cared to much they would take in Palestinian refugees or send in aid, or atleast open the border so Palestinians would have a chance to work in Egypt. They don't, because they hate Palestinians and consider them to be human trash.

I don't know enough about inter-arab islamic politics and their history to know why the other arabs all hate palestine so much, all I know is that they do. It's similar to how the British used to view the Irish in victorian times.

But suddenly, when Israel attacks a terrorist, the whole muslim world unites in favor of their "Muslim brothers in Palestine". Shameless
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