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Default Re: The -primetime- TOP-20 RBs of All-Time

Originally Posted by Carbine
Bo Jackson.....He never even ran for 1000 yards in a year, had five touchdowns in his best year, and averaged 79, 58, 87, 70 yards per game in his four seasons. His greatest attribute is his YPC, but a high YPC doesn't qualify you as a potential GOAT prime player. If that was the case Jamal Charles could be argued as the GOAT prime player as over a five year window he averaged like 6 yards per carry.

Not like Bo was out there banging out 1800 yard seasons with 15 touchdowns for three or four years. He wasn't that productive, so THATS why he shouldn't be ranked high regardless of what critera you use.
EXACTLY....his lack of numbers, his lack of stats, his lack of 1,800 yard seasons

Just like Gale
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