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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief (Video) Raises Tensions on Both Sides of Gaza

Originally Posted by D-Rose
I can say with certainty that this statement if overall false. I lived in the middle east for 6 years, met Arabs from many countries and still have friends from there now.

As for the overall issue of just taking Palestinians in..the principle is that they want to keep their displacing them as refugees doesn't solve that. It takes the problem from one place and puts it somewhere else.

Ultimately, the Palestinian people need a stable and moderate government. They need to come to the realization that Israel isn't going anywhere and no amounts of rockets will ever defeat them. Swallow that and you can move on to negotiations, which also give Israel no excuses for gaining more lands and such.

These conflicts are far more complicated than most in this thread, in the media, or in the government either can understand or fail to voice.
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