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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

mostly agree, but i can at least see a path to victory for GSP.

i'm just glad to see a lot of online MMA followers be so negative about the fight. IMO it's an unequal matchup that will prove nothing at the catchweight it's fought at, will create further delays in two divisions, and whose only real point is to funnel large amounts of money from very casual fans towards those at the top. i certainly hope GSP calls it for the bullshit that it is... just that i have a sinking feeling that he'll give in in the end.

by contrast, an actual legit matchup that needs to be worked out ASAP is the rousey-cyborg match. DFW, if he had an ounce of integrity, should make that fight a condition for a women's division being opened in the UFC. or at least something along those lines... you know.
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