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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
it's hard for me to see gsp get anything other than a decision win over silva. the likelihood of that happening is also hard for me to see.silva's chin is just ironclad. it's much easier for me to see silva win with a KO or sub.

then again, i was huge on kampmann tonight. maybe his striking is overrated but damn, i think his bigger issue tonight was his defense. hands down, little head movement, not switching up stances = no bueno.

silva's takedown defense is still really good even if he struggles w/ wrestlers the most. his hips and knees should stuff a takedown or two and off his back, i don't think gsp gets into half guard as easily. in the end, i just think silva is much bigger naturally and it would show on fight night.

i'd look forward to just about any matchup though. hendricks? will be interesting for sure. diaz? say what you want about him but almost all his fights are entertaining. the build up would write itself. i know diaz is out of the running for now but any of those three fights is fine by me.

Why Diaz? Losing to Condit means you earn a title shot? Not to mention he got suspended, then threw a hissyfit and retired. If he were to get a title shot ahead of Hendricks then the sport would lose all credibility.
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