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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief (Video) Raises Tensions on Both Sides of Gaza

Is an Israeli soldier who flew in the Israeli airforce in several missions over Gaza not considered a primary source to you? Yes if this was for a college paper I'd need to reinterview the guy and get some direct quotes, but this isn't a paper for university bonehead, I'm just paraphrasing a story he told.

None of the Israeli soldiers I met have ever seemed to "have an agenda", all of them thought the fighting was stupid, most expressed compassion for Palestine, not a single one showed any hatred, and these are guys who have had their friends killed by Palestinians. They still didn't hate the people because they know it's just a tiny percentage of terrorists f*cking things up for all the normal people. They say most of the Palestinians just want the war to be end and it's a vocal minority responsible for all the terrorist bullshit.

No one likes going to war, they all get drafted in to it.

Also they all hated talking about the war and battle stories, we were all just dumb kids who loved counter strike so we'd always ask about guns and stuff and be excited as if it was a game or a movie, but then they'd tell us stories sometimes and it just made us all shut up for the night.

Also, you consider the Huffington Post and Al Jazeera to be propaganda blogs?

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