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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief (Video) Raises Tensions on Both Sides of Gaza

Criticize me, criticize the source, do whatever you want, but can you criticize the content? It's right there for you to see. Idiots faking injuries worse than footballers, staged set-ups, gunfire going in in places Israeli soldiers never even were, people running with bloodstains on their heads, going into a crowd and suddenly they need to be carried.

I never quoted any of the soldiers I met. I just told you the general gist of what they said based on what I remember. No quotes are anywhere in that story. Yes, you're right, if this was a news article I would not be able to use that as a source! Wow you sure are a smart one! I just said it because it's a personal anecdote I heard from people who actually were a part of the war. You can either choose to read the story for what it is, or deny it as propaganda agenda serving and completely fabricated lies made by just another Zionist rat who is part of the evil world wide Jewspiracy.

You are a moron.

You are just arguing semantics because you can't argue against the reality of what I'm putting in front of you.

You already called Al Jazeera Jewish propaganda. You called the Huffington Post Jewish propaganda.

The whole video is a lie right? Just more Jewish propaganda? How deep does this magical Jewish propaganda machine extend? Do you think Jews control the world too?

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