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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief (Video) Raises Tensions on Both Sides of Gaza

If I was flying a helicopter warning kids and civilians to get away from a building, and all I saw that my warning did was make even more people go into the building and start dancing on the roof, I'd feel extremely guilty and like it was my fault, that they were all dead. If that helicopter hadn't announced that, the people wouldn't have known to rush to the building.

I'd be traumatized by guilt. Why are you trying to dismiss this guy as a "big hearted" weakling now and trivialize the story as either not a big deal or a lie of propaganda? I think most human beings on the planet would feel bad if they felt responsible for hundreds of innocent women and kids rushing on to a roof, dancing to their own death. Wouldn't you?

I think there's something f*cked up about how your mind works, just based on your interactions in the past with Godzuki and others, I'm pretty sure you got some kind of serious mental issues. I'm done talking to you, I hope you get help in the future.
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