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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball game thread

Originally Posted by bokes15
I wouldn't call him a non-factor for the entire 2nd half. Maybe shooting wise his offense dipped, but he was all over the boards which actually made a huge impact. They brought him back into the game when they were up 5 with 4 minutes and change to go in the fourth and he grabbed some critical boards and had that alley-oop dunk on the break. I'm glad he's evolved into the type of player who can impact a game even if his shot is off.

Well, Affalo also was doing a good job containing him in that 3rd quarter. I noticed DeMar was settling at times too. You're right, as he was grabbing key rebounds and I hope he can continue to that, besides his scoring.

I don't like the title of this recap though:

It wasn't DeMar who lead the way. In points, sure, but like I mentioned before there was a dry spell for him.

The 3 things that did lead the way was Calderon, the Raptors defense in the 4th, and I will even say the bench play of Amir and Klieza that sparked the run was as good or better than DeMar "leading the way".

Off course, I thought DeMar was key overall (2nd best Raptor today), but titles like that just annoy me when it's not true.

Originally Posted by Zan Tabak
Raps need to start Klieza over Anderson and especially Fields. He's not the best option to have, but imo he's the best 3 we got!

I would agree. He's got better more NBA experience, been on the team longer, and can create a lot on the offensive end. Got to roll the dice with him.
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