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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball game thread

Originally Posted by Beebo
Jose has been filling in nicely with Lowry out. Good thing we haven't traded him yet..imagine if we had Lucas starting for us
To me, Calderon should be a starting point guard. Throw him on a team like the Knicks for example and he'd look like Steve Nash with all the assists he'd get and the wide open 3's he'd hit being the 3rd or 4th offensive option on the floor. That's just one example, there are several teams that could've used a guy like Jose. I think that he's wasted a lot of years in Toronto and we've wasted our time on him too since for some reason even though he's been here his entire NBA career he's always been on the trading block the majority of the time. I like the guy, i'm getting kind of tired of wondering where he's gonna be next year and what good performances like this mean to us in the long term.
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