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Originally Posted by kaiteng
Houston Dynamo is back to MLS Cup Final, beating DC United 4-2 on aggregate.

Wow, Dynamo sure has a very strong management that has somehow maintained the team's quality since its inaugural season 7 years ago.

Strong management and probably the best manager in the league. They aren't built for regular season success but they are built for postseason success. Just look at the way that roster is built.. Great defenders, physical, great chemistry and a nice rotation of forwards. They shut opposing teams down and either score a goal in the counter attack or off a free kick. It's a great model to have in playoff series, so much stability.

I also think they only have one DP(Garcia) who is a lower level DP. Teams like NYRB and Toronto need to follow suit of their model and stop relying on DP's. You need a core of MLS'ers for life who are solid MLS players but not good enough to make a jump to a bigger league, not too expensive and don't play that many matches for their NT. Don't forget that Houston also lost Cameron earlier in the summer..
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