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Default Re: Struggling with Depression

I have prerty strong highs and lows too (not bipolar but damn close)

On low days, not exactly suicidal, but feel like expending energy one last time for a sacrifice.


Let's do a six part plan.

- Lower carbs, up the fats. Fat is linked to good mood. Higher your testosterone gradually.
- Up the veggie intake, lower the procsesed food intake.
- Do lots of heavy lifting and or sprinting. Jogging for 45 min is am ood regulator even at a slow pace.
- Shuffle out 30$. Purchase:
Fish Oil
Vit D (5,000)

Take 2 servings of the first, 3 of the second, and 1 tablet of the third. Thank me later.

- You seem Christian.. so read the BIble. Understand that this is an ancient book. Remember the millions before you that suffered and that at he end they PREVAILED and beat down that bullsh!t grief and becamef ulfilled men. Millions. That all things pass. The Proverbs Psalms and Ecclestiases. Remember how important love is.. and love can not be defeated.
- Read POWER OF NOW or A NEW EARTH. Live in the moment, mindfully. Do not dwell on the past or psych yourself out about the future. Oh, and don't fear death. But if you do, then get busy living or get busy dying.
- Take deeper breaths. Literally 5 seconds in 5 seconds hold 5 seconds out 2 seconds hold. FOcus on that.
- As PUJ said it's all in your head. EVery single self help book works to a degree on one principle and one principle only.. the way you see things. F.E. if a positive person got into a fight got the sh!t beat out of him and got robbed, he'd PERCEIVE that as an awesome painful experience (something necessary for a fulfililng life) and he'll come back stronger/wealthier and maybe have a laugh in the future. A negative low energy person would cry and let the universe beat him down.
- Write a grateful journal. I'm one of the most grateful people I know.. to the point where its sickening. Like I'll literally be drinking a glass of water or taking a shower or walking outside my backyard and think to myself goddamn is life good thank u kindly for the clean water and the clean air that im like thank u lord for givin me a chance to quench my thrist, breathe in that delicious new engalnd air and for the CHANCE to kick azz at life.
. Shit works. Just don't be too grateful in the presence of other people, it comes off as servile and tryhard

Ridonks was right on the money with busy. ACTION is the antidote to DESPAIR.

- What is it exactly about a relationship that appeals to you? Is it the fact that there's someone in the world who cares about you? THat' seasily accessible.. just quickly recall a time a family member went out of their way to help u, or a classmate or a friend.
- Is it intimacy? Because as much as America frowns down upon it, guys can be intimate with each other. There is nothing gay or homo about sharing experiences through life and how you're coping with it. Matter of fact, nearly all patriarchal cultures have extreme emphasis on brotherhood and friendship as a rite of passage and iirc they are pretty emotional healthy. Girls do quite well in this department because they don't feel
ashamed of making themselves vulnerable in front of others and hence having a great social support system to help them through life.
- And if it's sex and tenderness and the reckless feeling of being enamored and that sweet energy u feel when ur with a gal u like, then by all means pursue it.
- Surround yourself with people who are just like you and love to help. Teachers. Doctors. Nurses. Social Workers. Physical Therapists. Philantrophists. Community Organizers. etc. etc. or if you're an egotistical prick like me then surround yourself with selfish a$$holes and "feel special" cuz u got a heart of gold

- Who are you?
- What do you stand for?
- What do you hav eto offer to the world
- Do you feel anxious, ashamed, guilty? If so, target it. Frogive yourself. ANdproceed
- What defines you?
- What are some fun and fulfilling things you can do to stay true to yourself.
- Why do you like to help?

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