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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by ClutchOver9000
iirc, its a weight issue preventing that fight from taking place. Cyborg wants Rousey at 145 (the now defunct division that Cyborg was champ in and that Rousey previously fought at) and Rousey said she'll only take that fight at 135 (the division in which she is currently champion).
i know all the official explanations and storylines, thank you very much. fact is, ronda rousey has competed quite often as a judoka at 145 and i see no good reason why she can't fight there again on this important occasion.

fact is, i see no good reason why rousey can't hold belts in the two main divisions of WMMA.

if ronda and her manager were really so hyperconcerned about cyborg cheating, they could push for VADA testing at every step and clear up the whole matter.

in the end, their words and behavior says to me that they lack confidence and keep looking for an edge. they keep trying to win a war of words, resist all compromise, and thus the danger keeps getting pushed away. meanwhile, the sport goes nowhere.

Originally Posted by raiderfan19
Lhw is the best division in the sport. Jones is just too damn good
i don't disagree about jones, but at the end of the day it makes for a sorry division at the top level. compare that to WW where the top 3-4 contenders all have realistic chances to upset GSP and take over the belt. thus, i'd rather watch a top WW match any day because the excitement and unpredictability is that much greater. simple fact of reality.
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