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Default Re: My Quick, Short & To-The-Damn-Point Video Game Reviews

Note: I will be updating the OP with a link every time I post a review.

L.A Noire: 7.5/10

I'm not sure how you guys feel about this game, but I found it to be a huge disappointment. You're probably looking like this right now:

Don't worry, I'll get to that in a bit. Let's look at the positives first.

L.A Noire's story is intriguing, and it alone makes the game worth playing. You can't expect less from Rockstar Games. They never disappoint when it comes to the story.

While traveling through the recreation of 1940s' Los Angeles, you see real-to-life details, such as city landmarks. The environment is amazing!

The facial expressions of every single character is in amazing detail. The movements of the characters, differences in driving styles of each car, and the interrogations look phenomenal. I don't think there is another game on the market today with such amazing visuals. (Just my opinion)

From the get-go, you'll be drawn into the tale of the game. It seems like a story that would do well even as a short TV series. It's an epic movie chronicling the life of a police officer in the late 1940's.

With all that said, this game is nowhere near perfect.

I expected the geniuses who created such amazing games as GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, etc., to at least make the game similar to those great titles. I wanted to play the good cop version of Grand Theft Auto, an open-world/sandbox 3rd person game where you could decide to follow the story or put it on hold and do side missions whenever you pleased.

The side missions are all predictable, too. Same old dispatcher call on the car radio, same old chase, all ending with you being the hero while your partners make no effort in helping you. No wonder your character seems to be the only cop up for promotion.

Every case you go through in the game involves a foot chase through paths with some sort of obstructions slowing you down. It's tiring to see your character running at full speed (which seems really slow to me, btw) and not being able to catch the suspects for a long while. It's almost always guaranteed to be an epic foot chase, too. Maybe you'll climb some pipes on the side of a building, maybe you'll keep getting cut off by cars every time you're close to catching the perpetrator on foot, you never know... Except you do know because after the first couple of chases, the rest begin blurring into similarity.

Even checking the crime scene is always the same every go 'round. You inspect the victim's lifeless body, trying to find clues in anything you can, doing the same old motions. Tilt the head here. No tilt it there and check this jacket flap. Or maybe this one.

This game seems like a movie that you're in control of. You have to know the right lines during the interrogations, you control your character's movements, and unfortunately you have no choice but to follow the story because there isn't much else to do in the game.

To Buy or Not to Buy: Just look at my thoughts on Sleeping Dogs and you'll know exactly what I think.

The story is phenomenal, the graphics are groundbreaking, and the characters are all interesting, but if you play it all the way through one time, you'll likely not want to do it again. Replay-ability isn't there.

I will say, though, if you collect games and have a large library with a plethora of video games, this is one worth adding to your collection; however, if you're someone who will finish a game and trade it in for something else at GameStop later, this might be one to rent/borrow, not buy.
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