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so they opened up a bev mo here. stoked. signed up for a card and all that shit. you know the score.

spent maybe a half hour in there and that was almost exclusively just looking at beers. by far the best selection in town. slightly disappointed they didn't have more imports but it'll keep me interested nonetheless. couple cool names...raging bitch and ass kisser, which was a porter. there was an asian guy there that was almost pacing back and forth/doing laps around the store trying to be of help. i kind of wished i could help the poor guy relax a bit but i've been there so ya.

being as i'm in cali, it's really heavy in carrying cali craft brews. ales are really taking off here, which is totally fine by me. i picked up a pinot noir and jim beam too but let's get going on some of my beer pickups.

that's it. this beer might have solidified stone brewing as my favorite brewing company. just another slam dunk. this had a frothy head. it kind of has a sweet malty forefront but that aftertaste has some hoppy kick to it. you can definitely feel the alcohol heat as well. at 11.2%, a couple of pints of this will get you well on your way.

the only thing i didn't quite like about this was the heavy carbonation. this thing is i just ate a meal with lots of bread/biscuits filling. not quite sure i like it more than the original because of this and the fact it seems to not have the same 'character'. i mean, this shit is really good and is just another well rounded beer but the original AB is slightly more palatable imo.

totally got this because of the recommendations in this thread. been on my radar since

really smooth IPA. solid all around with hints of caramel and citrus. not too strong in that area though as the hops really take over. i don't know if you would call this traditional or whatever but ya...just a solid IPA and one of my favorites.

not sure why the head in most these pictures seem to be so thick. i poured slow at a 45 degree angle and my head was not even an inch. anyway, this had a thin head with plenty of carbonation. full bodied mouthfeel....the liquid itself just felt thick and the lacing was intense. one side of my glass had lacing on the whole side when i finished. citrus smell and i got a bit of tangerine taste. i like this one a little more than the IPA. this is incredibly drinkable and refreshing for a 7.5% ABV. it also just seems to avoid that super 'dry' feel when you drink many ales so don't get too carried away. its' really not that bitter at all for a 7.5%. she's a keeper

yet another selection because of you fine gentlemen. i'm not really experienced in wheat beers at all but this was really solid. i absolutely loved the orange/lemon accents. definitely a sessionable beer with no real flaws....a small step up from blue moon.....

so no pliny the elder or westvleteren 12 at BM

next pickups: firestone's union jack and dogfish head IPA (90 minute one if they have it).

obviously can't drink these on the daily despite BM's best efforts to take all my money.

you guys try anything new lately?

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