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Default Re: Pistons: It's so Cold in the D

Originally Posted by chips93
id be kinda happy if i were a detroit fan

the pistons were in danger of entering that middle ground, of not good enough to compete for a title, but making the playoffs, while not being bad enough to get an elite player through the draft

if they can get a scorer on the wing, they would have a really solid core going forward, and a pretty high ceiling, considering drummond's potential

I've been saying this for a long time (years). I don't want Detroit to fight for an 8 seed. I'm not saying they're tanking either. They really are just not good enough. My point is if you're mediocre you get mid-first round picks that aren't franchise changing players. The only way Detroit is going to get back to the top is with a great draft pick. There's too many fans who seem to think with a ton of cap space Detroit will magically be better. It's because they've lived in Michigan their entire lives and haven't travelled anywhere. While Michigan has many great aspects for living there (affordable housing, the great lakes, etc), superstars aren't targeting Detroit as a landing spot. This needs to be done through the draft. There's a great group of young players there. With a really good pick this year things will turn around.
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