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Default Re: Are college rankings important?

Originally Posted by StateOfMind12
When talking about academics and finding a job, are college rankings important at all? or is it honestly just about how well you do at the school and getting the degree and the school makes no difference?

Disregarding Ivy league schools, so don't factor in schools like Harvard, Princeton, etc.

Not really, but if you have a top tier school (Ivy League, Stanford, Northwestern or the likes) then people will take notice and you will get more interviews (people automatically assume you are better because you went to a school with a great reputation). When you get to the middle of the pack, like if you chose Wichita State over Southwest Louisiana State because it was 8 spots higher, no one is really going to notice. Also, if you went to a gimmicky school like Regent or something, people might take notice as well, but in a negative way.

Getting an MBA however is a different story. You need to be careful where you choose to go as all MBA are NOT created equally. Obviously Ivy League is good, but what is important is to check out where former alumni went on to work and see if those companies are of interest to you. Companies tend to prefer certain MBA programs.
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