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Default Re: Assassin's creed 3

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
Yeah, this is one of the few games I've ever played where I don't mind just hunting all the extras down. The difference between a game like this and a game like GTA far as the extras and side missions go is that navigating the map is actually enjoyable and not just a hassle to be tolerated. I usually quit while I'm ahead in most games (except GTA IV) but this game does a very good job of making side missions enjoyable.

Yeah, part of it is a function of the running mechanism being that good. And they've made them much less monotonous than they were in one, or even two, which had already taken a big step up. I used to hate that guy with the "I've hid these flags because I'm and asshole ... see if you can find them in 15 seconds!"
Now they feel integrated into the story much more. And they're yeilding things like recipes.
And you'd think buying the maps would kill a lot of the fun, but many of the things are little puzzles on their own. For example, knowing where a feather is, or an almanac page, isn't nearly enough to just go get it. They may require their own little platforming puzzles just to get to them. There are even spots where the map location doesn't tell the whole story, with caves who's entrances may not really be where the treasure is on the map.

I'm finding the money to be a fair challenge. I'm selling off all my pelts and stuff at a time to buy things up. Even after hoarding every treasure chest last night in NY, then selling all my kills, I'm still not completely bought out on items. I have all the store's wares, but not the boat upgrades, which are expensive.
Right now my only real gripe is that I haven't figured out really what the point of the crafting is, or the caravan section in the log book. And it's navigation is horrible in there.
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