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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
I totally agree. There's a bunch of posters on this board that are real fans and want to talk about the Knicks. Of course everyone has different opinions but that's making it even better.
I like how you and Rameek always rant about our bench. I like how knickscity is always keeping it real and removing trolls from the forum.
I like how Sarcastic hates D'Antoni and defends the team on the main forum. I like how Scooter always has something bad to say about Melo. I like how Jasi follows the Knicks even though he's from Italy. I like how bluechox2 is mostly optimistic.

And I'm sure you all love my panic attacks when I want to trade everyone and fire everyone

Sorry if I forgot someone,Knicks board is pretty active compared to other boards so it's not easy to remember all the names.
I may go back and forth with guys but I mean no harm lol I mean sh!t, I even shared when my daughter was born and when I got married with you guys lol I love matching witts with people. As my family, growing up I was the only 3 year old who was talking about basketball stats with grown ups lol I LOVE basketball and the Knicks. So anybody who shares that, I definitely love to hear their point of view. The only thing I hate is the occassional dummy that like to throw out the "racist" word or people that are just regurgitating other ppl's opinion.
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