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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
I may go back and forth with guys but I mean no harm lol I mean sh!t, I even shared when my daughter was born and when I got married with you guys lol I love matching witts with people. As my family, growing up I was the only 3 year old who was talking about basketball stats with grown ups lol I LOVE basketball and the Knicks. So anybody who shares that, I definitely love to hear their point of view. The only thing I hate is the occassional dummy that like to throw out the "racist" word or people that are just regurgitating other ppl's opinion.

You still have to share some pics though, lol

Thanks for the mention Clutch but I have to admit that since my kid was born I don't have the time/energy to follow our team live (in the AM) except when they play in the morning/afternoon.
So I went from using this forum to debate, to using this forum to actually follow the Knicks via your first hand impressions

Anyways I think it is obvious that this is a nice place for us regulars, otherwise we wouldn't be such
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