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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by Jasi
You still have to share some pics though, lol

Thanks for the mention Clutch but I have to admit that since my kid was born I don't have the time/energy to follow our team live (in the AM) except when they play in the morning/afternoon.
So I went from using this forum to debate, to using this forum to actually follow the Knicks via your first hand impressions

Anyways I think it is obvious that this is a nice place for us regulars, otherwise we wouldn't be such
You need to watch some Knicks games man. Make the kid cheer for the Knicks from the early days

Originally Posted by Rowe
Not offended, I'm always that guy who doesn't really get attention or quoted.
Sorry for not mentioning you. Like I said it's hard to remember all the names without looking up.
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