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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

If UNC leaves (and they're probably bring Duke with them) then the ACC will blow up. Probably join the scraps with the Big East to make one large and pathetic conference. FSU to the Big 12, maybe Clemson and State to the SEC, Virginia Tech somewhere, and let all the other programs die.

As a UNC fan, honestly, I would rather be in the SEC or (my preference) the Big Ten right now. The ACC is probably going to be a sinking ship soon. The problem is that much of the power of the conference is run through Tobacco Road and I feel that UNC isn't willing to give up that power unless they absolutely have to. So basically they will jump ship only if the water is neck deep.

Anyway, apparently the ACC is looking to add one of UConn or Louisville.

So a non-football school which helps push FSU out the door or going back on everything the conference is saying they stand for. Awesome.
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