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Default Re: "Eddie Murphy: One Night Only" special to air in November

Originally Posted by RomeoLuvCasanova
When you haven't performed in years the overwhelming fear of it just takes over. Stand up comedians are some of the most insecure and unhappy people you will ever encounter. That is what feeds their gift of laughter

I don't know about insecure but yeah I can vouch that unhappy and tragedy and comedy are extremely correlated.


I remember being a sad sack of sh!t and being ON TOP OF MY COMEDY GAME. Holy sh!t it just came naturally. I had that power to put a smile on anybody's face. Long-winded artistic rants. Gallows Humor. Black Comedy. Making fun of the poor/cripples. Being a grouchy bastard. Damn sh!t was ON POINT.

Now I'm happy n productive and gotta rely on outrageous facial expressions and wordplay and innuendos and not true ntity gritty soul crushing mirty-causing gallows humor or racist/sexist sh!t that really gets da crowd guffawing.
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