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Default Re: Struggling with Depression

You are going thru what we learn and call in martial artists "sanchin", it interprets often as "three battles" and relates to the three journeys of life; the battle to unify the mind, body, and spirit... its "cliche" you may think, but it is 100% accurate...

How? Its very simple, but only you can do it... it can be as simple as working out/sports(martial arts? anything!), it will make you feel extremly good mentally & physically (trust me on this one, i guarantee you, i do) and will give you the confidence for many things in life! Train your mind, study, educate, read (preferably something educational and motivational, something that interests you), the consequences of this are very powerful.... the spirit & mental part will come... after that its just about attacking life...

You are not depressed, i hate that word so much, you are only lazy and/or bored (yes you are my friend! if not mentally then its physically, if not both! no excuses!)... pick yourself up, do one of those bitchslaps on yourself and get the hell out... what are you afraid of? You wont die trying (only the opposite actually)... you will only die not trying, mentally first... its not hard at all, not at all.......

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