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Default Re: Struggling with Depression

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Agreed bdreason.

I f*cking hate people who pass judgment on others for commiting suicide or complaining about real depression with their manly rhetoric.

Such a boost to the ego to say "grow some balls" idn't it?

Who the f*ck knows how someone feels?

You are hating them only because they are right... suicide is an act from either a weak minded or a mentally challenged person, its a permanent solution to a temporary problem, a problem which in most cases is just outright laughable compared to what a real problem in life is...

Any human who does suicide is just outright disrespectful especially in my point of view unless the problem was a real problem... i dont know if you know this, but i am from Bosnia and if i ever told you what i and my family, friends, relatives had to go through and what i have seen with my own eyes right infront of me... let me just tell you, you dont know what a real god damn problem is, you dont, you have never faced a problem with a capital P... talk about life partypooping your plans for your future huh???? Those weak persons that contemplate suicide probably desperately NEED this reality check, if you lived thru that then im sure you wont contemplate suicide with reasons later such as "my wife divorced me and took my kids, i cant live without her, i also lost my job, boohoo"... To hell with that! You lived thru dodging bullets running to the grocery store, seeing corpse, seeing brains splattered allover your porch, seeing your relative die, seeing your house burn down, being hostage, "sleeping" with explosions in the background and many other fancy things......

After all that you want suicide? For some other "problem" basically even the most spoiled princess ever can face........ sorry, but eff yourself... The only real problems you have seen is on TV.... (not directing all this to you J-Money, but you know, to anybody who thinks suicide can be a good choice with these normal obligatory problems every human has faced or will face in a typical normal life)

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