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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief, Hamas don't stop firing rockets into Israel

Originally Posted by Nick Young
People taking land from other people has been happening since the beginning of human history. Get used to it.

Why is everyone whining about this? Look at what China has been doing to Tibet since the 1950s. Do you think the remaining Navajo should be given all of Arizona and Utah as a nation of their own? Should the Iroquois that are still alive be given New York? Should Spain give up Catalonia to the Catalans? Should Canada and Alaska be given to the Eskimos?

What about Asia? Doesn't it all belong to Mongolia after Ghengis Kahn?

I don't know if you had some basic history lessons or anything, but the difference in this situation between now and hundreds+ years ago is that we as the developed world believe in basic human rights now. And that the only reason Israel was allowed to exist in the first place is because they promised to their daddy that they would place nice and abide by basic human rights.

No one is saying that the genocide committed by the Americans hundreds of years ago was a right, moral thing to do.

The only valid example you gave is China. Maybe you haven't heard, but most people aren't to thrilled with what China is up to in Tibet. Then again, at least China is like:

Israel is lying through their teeth about it, because they can't afford to lose the grace of the international community. But I guess you are right: Israel indeed is the moral equivalent of China, or 1700s Britain. The Israeli people are quite underdeveloped in that regard compared to much of the rest of the world.
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