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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief, Hamas don't stop firing rockets into Israel

Originally Posted by Nick Young
LAWL we all believe in them but no one in charge follows them. Just look at all the "basic human rights" USA, Russia and China AKA the top 3 nations in the UN violate on a daily basis. UN is condemning things all the time as evil and still countries do it. The people in charge don't actually give a single f*ck about basic human rights, they just pretend to in order to keep the population quiet. Basically things are exactly the same now as they've always been, only there's a little judging international organization that doesn't actually do jack shit condemning it.

Silly Euros and their belief in the United Nations

So we understand each other then.

Just a second ago you were crying that the Israel didn't enjoy hurting the Palestinians and that peace was possible if only the Palestinians cooperated and Israel is doing everything it can to ensure peace.

And now you agree with me that Israel doesn't give a fuck about the Palestinians and doesn't give a fuck about peace. Essentially now you agree that Israel is exactly the vile, piece of shit country people in this country have been saying it is. What are you arguing in this thread for then. Lol.
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