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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief, Hamas don't stop firing rockets into Israel

Originally Posted by Nick Young
People taking land from other people has been happening since the beginning of human history. Get used to it.

Why is everyone whining about this? Look at what China has been doing to Tibet since the 1950s. Do you think the remaining Navajo should be given all of Arizona and Utah as a nation of their own? Should the Iroquois that are still alive be given New York? Should Spain give up Catalonia to the Catalans? Should Canada and Alaska be given to the Eskimos? Does Australia belong to the aborigines? New Zealand to the Maoris?

What about Asia? Shouldn't it all belong to Mongolia?

Why are there black people in Brazil? That land belongs to the natives!

Why are there Afrikaans in South Africa? They should be forced back in to Holland!

This is why people have no respect for you, when people use the time aspect in this matter when they criticize the fact that Israel is occupying land that doesn't belong to them you write nonsense like the stuff above.

But on the other hand, when it fits your agenda you're more than willing to go 2500 years back in history just to make your points valid, in this case justifying the occupation.. How does following text from you in this thread even makes sense when you also write the stuff like above when it doesn't fit agenda? So going back some 50 years back in history to make a case for the Palestinians is way out of line but when defending Israel you're more than willing to go 2500 years back in time a la;

Originally Posted by Nick Young
2500 years ago the Jews were kicked out of their homeland by the Persians. 2500 years later the Jews go back to their homeland, and the Arab muslims cannot handle it. Before Islam even existed the Jews were in Israel and Jerusalem. While the arabs were just random tribes fighting amongst eachother, living in the desert, the Jews were in Israel, living in Jerusalem.

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