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Default Re: The Walking Dead

Maybe it's just me but I am starting to get kinda turned off by the show and it's a shame cause it's one of the few shows I actually will watch but this storyline is not keeping me immersed in the show like I thought it would.

Even the action scenes are starting to get irritating, or maybe it's just because Rick has been less involved to an extent but this Governor build up sh*t is slowly starting to jump the shark imo cause I've seen charismatic/ crazy characters in movies/ tv before and he just doesn't strike me as someone with the balls etc to run and politic that town setup the way he does.

Michonne doesn't give a flying f*ck about anyone except Andrea and is a stone cold killa yet she cared enough not to kill the Gov (who basically made her kill her ex and brother zombie that she had been haulin' around all that time btw) in that scene where she got her sword back.

Btw that pic is too funny "Put T Dog on the phone"

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