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Default Re: Nash of the bench...Hear me out!!!

Originally Posted by crisoner
Right now with Darius Morris playing the way he is maybe we can lock up him in the starting 5. He can start games with Kobe, Metta, Howard and Pau. Let Kobe do the facilitating and he can stand for open threes.

Then take him out and put a fresh off the bench Nash with Meeks, Jamison, Hill, and Howard...and that five will be scary to end the first and start the second. From that point Nash will play like Manu and basically get starter minutes.

What you guys think?

lol...fcuk NO....

if you think this is good...imagine what would happen when Nash comes back??? lol

we should always have 2 of our big 4 in the game.
kobe/pau play all 1st qtr
nash/howard to start the 2nd
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