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Default Re: Post a pic of yourself 7

Originally Posted by Meticode
I'm pretty certain my next phone will not be a Rezound, unless HTC does a Nexus series phone. My next upgrade isn't until April of 2013. That of which then I will be doing heavy research. I'm going to want something that has very good battery life. The Rezound gets me through a day for the most part, but if I do heavy use it sucks the battery up pretty fast because of the screen + small 1620 mAH battery.

Watch is a simple 7 year old Fossil that was $105 if I remember correctly. I plan on buying a Citizen Eco-Drive after February. It'll probably end up being $300-$400 unless I get a good deal on it.
I have an Eco-Drive. Bought it several years ago... Best watch I've ever owned. Still looks the way it did the day I bought it.
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