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Default Re: Possibly moving to NYC in about a year, looking for some info

Originally Posted by enayes
Good evening, I might be moving to NYC in about a year with my girlfriend. I've always said I'd never live in the city but I might end up going to grad school there. I'm looking at programs at CUNY Queens and Brooklyn.

Do any of you live in these areas? Any specific area you'd recommend? (Queens, Brooklyn)

What would I be looking at for rent? (1 bedroom apt. for the two of us)

Any other advice about moving to the big apple would be appreciated.
(I currently live in upstate NY)

Rent can vary widely. Will you riding the subway? Familiarize yourself with what train you need and then start looking from there.
Here's prices from craigslist

If you have a car, you going to need to find a neighborhood you can park it. Parking can be very, very tight.
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