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Default Re: Thoughts on MTV Music Awards PSY-Hammer performance?

Originally Posted by Timmy D for MVP
Naw. Like I knew he could move, that was clear, and he has that air about him when he dances like he really can do it.

But he was up there keepin up with MC Hammer. It looked to me almost like PSY either a) Really is a dancer. b) Grew up doing that style.

PSY is extremely entertaining. Like honestly wouldn't you all go to a PSY show? I would. He may be a one hit flash, and nothing will top Gangnam Style, but I think the guy is actually really good at what he does.

i hear ya about his dancing. he may be a one hit wonder here, but in Asia he's actually huge. he's been very successful over there even before gangnam style. in fact it was a big deal when he released this album.
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