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Originally Posted by MMM
Interesting signing, I'm surprised they didn't go with someone with a better track record. Gibons has a lot of pressure on him, if the team falters then all the blame will be squarely directed towards him.
Which is usually silly and Gibbons was scapegoated a bit the first time around in Toronto. It's tough to put losing on a manager unless he is making obvious errors in bullpen management or in-game management. If the players simply slump or fall of a cliff production wise, that will contribute more to losing than anything else.

Look at guys like Girardi and Matheny. Their teams made it far this team and I've seen both make some very questionable decisions. Moreso Girardi since I don't watch too many NL games. This is a guy who once issued two intentional walks in a game before even the 5th inning.

Other than Joe Maddon, I can't really think of one manager that I'd label as "good". All you need is talent on the field and a manager who isn't an idiot.
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