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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief, Hamas don't stop firing rockets into Israel

Wow, my university is gonna have a Q&A live video feed with students in gaza. Gonna check it out, will be really good to see AN ACTUAL KID LIVING IN GAZA'S PERSPECTIVE rather than bullshit news feeds.

Might ask if it's true that people sometimes act up injured for the cameras, like in those Pallywood videos. Gotta find a way to word it delicately.

My uni has a huge Muslim and Free Palestine society but all of them I've talked to are actually really really rational and calm people, who ask alot of questions about Judaism and loads of them I've even had the discussion about how Judaism and Islam are so similar, and how the Arab golden age with Maimonides every religion got along, and they agreed, haven't really run in to any psychos like the Hamas apologists on ISH or the people who are mass protesting the Israeli dance reviews here in London as "extensions of the occupation"

Arab golden age was an awesome time in human history, real muslims like Saladin were Arab leaders back then, now they just keep electing terrorists. Shit.

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