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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Best convo I've had on BO2 that made me laugh out loud.

After a match a player on the losing the screams "strikskillz ur shyt all u use are smgs. Use an assault rifle and show me how good u are. All people do in this game is use smgs".

Granted most people run with smgs so I can't say he is totally wrong. But it's funny to hear someone complain about using an entire weapon class. So next game takes place and I get killed by the guy. That is when I laughed. Why?

He has an assault rifle using TARGET FINDER, with ghost blind eye cold blooded dead silence and he spent his time head glitching and hiding in corners to peek put as people without ghost on the radar run near.

But hey sue me for using an SMG
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