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Default Re: A Deadly Divide Between Red and Blue

I live in New Mexico. 90% of the roads in the state are 75mph. (Not an actual statistic.) When I drive from where I live to Albuquerque, I go through Santa Fe, and it's all one road, 3 hours, 75mph almost the entire drive.

It's really easy to fall asleep behind the wheel. Also, the sun always seems to be right in your face - fewer trees.

Oh, and I'd imagine it's easier to have fatal car wrecks on mountain roads, which are mostly in red states.

I don't think this is because blue state people are happier than red state people, which is probably what is implied in the OP. I think it's because it's harder to die in a car crash when you're moving 24mph through New York City than on a 3 hour drive to Albuquerque going 90. - or whatever. Most red states are that expansive.

I've spent time in Kentucky, and not only are the speed limits pretty high on a lot of the roads there, but they're also 2-lane way too often, and way too narrow way too often, and with curves in the road you simply can't make going 63mph, and with no sign to tell you to slow down. That's the closest I've come to wrecking in my life was on a KY road.

Public transportation also has a lot to do with it. But mainly transit across vast distances at high speeds I'm pretty sure are what accounts for this.

I wonder how violent crime rates line up.

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