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Originally Posted by guy
Carrie being employed by the CIA is becoming more and more unrealistic now.

Its kinda funny, although this is way more extreme, imagine if one of the agents searching for Osama Bin Laden was in love with him?

I kind of felt like the show knows that, it admits it, and it's almost winking at the audience when it did the scene with Saul and Quinn listening in on it. Quinn is pretty much expressing all the ludacris things about the scenario that the audience is probably thinking. And Saul is kind of sitting there sort of shamefully defending her, and in a way the show in general, shaking his head and sort of telling the audience to just bear with us here.

Nothing she did in that episode was less believable than the idea of a private helicopter flying totally undected with the CIA unable to track it, landing in the suburbs of DC, and zipping off. And then meeting up with Abu Nazir? How many times after 9/11 do you think Osama Bin Laden was being driven around in luxory vehicles to warehouses just outside the nations capitol.

But that's not really the point of the show for me. The point is that it's so crazy that I'm not able to see things coming. At some point it'll have one twist too many, but it's not there for me yet.

One of the things I find interesting are the critics who love this but hated The Killing for it's own series of implausible scenarios.
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