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Default Re: A Deadly Divide Between Red and Blue

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
I'm actually surprised Texas is that low...our highways are the fckin autobahn

and after midnight on weekends it is like a druken nascar race out there...

Yeah, I figured Texas would be higher. Perhaps your state has a good highway protection program; perhaps they're more strict on their laws and enforce them more effectively. Tougher on seat-belt laws. TX is better off economically than many neighboring states such as MS, AR, etc. who are high on that list, and being better off economically equates to more *new* model vehicles being driven. Newer vehicles yield safer crash tests, more airbags, etc.

You guys are pretty tough on your DUI/DWI laws, right? I know we're fairly harsh here in North Carolina when it comes to DUIs, whereas for example in South Carolina, they're not (not as tough as NC anyway) and there's approx 10 or so states between the two in the list above.

I'm not saying DUI/DWI laws are the only or even biggest factor, just saying I'm sure it plays a part. Data clearly shows (and common sense tells us) when alcohol is involved in conjunction with an accident, the likelihood of a fatality is unequivocally amplified.

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