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Default Re: Xbox 360 Deals? Without Kinect

Originally Posted by flipogb
Kinect is great, calling plays on NBA sk13 is cool too

its the 4gb part that sucks about those deals

This. NEVER purchase a 4 gig model (if it's your first ever 360). You realistically can't have even a decent gaming experience without a harddrive.

*THERE IS* another option though if you're looking to save the extra $$$ and not get the 250 gig model. You can purchase the 4 gig unit, then there's a way you can remove some of the hardware (which I'm sure voids any warranty if there is or was one), and there's a way you can use a harddrive you had from a prior model (like an Elite or Pro).

Yes, I know the design is different, and the harddrives do not *match* ... meaning you can't transfer an old model harddrive to a new Slim unit. I'm sure Microsoft did this bullshit on purpose to force customers to get the new unit and the new harddrive. I hate their bullshit practices like that.

But yeah, there's a way you can remove some of the hardware, and use your old harddrive. There's several walkthroughs you can read and view on YouTube, etc. The 360 I currently have has the "Open Trey" error. So once again I'm in the market for a new unit, but I don't want to spend the extra money on the 250 model.

I want to use my old harddrive that has EVERYTHING already on it; my XBLA games, all my *saved* game data, etc. I don't want to do all that bullshit over again, shouldn't even have to! Microsoft is just being themselves and gouging repeat console purchasing customers. So unless I can find one hell of a deal, I'm going to get the 4 gig model and "hack it" and use my old harddrive.

If you have no use for transferring an old harddrive, and you're entirely new to owning a 360 console, the 4 gig can be enticing Meticode, but real talk man, you're going to wish you had that harddrive. If you're going to invest into the console, even if you have to spend more, get the harddrive model. My situation is a little different with already having so much data on my old drive, so me getting the 4 gig model makes sense; but if I were starting from scratch and ground zero, I'd 100% go with the 250 gig.
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