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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

Originally Posted by irondarts
Been spending a bit of time on this Association lately. Right now my record with this team is 16-9. The Bobcats are much improved, Gerald Henderson is an incredible scorer in this game. MKG is just a beast in every aspect, he's been very good offensively and he is just a beast on the defensive end of the ball.

Just made this trade:

I get:
Richard Jefferson
Draymond Green
Andris Biedrins
Warriors 2013 1st Round Pick

Warriors get:
Ben Gordon
Brendan Haywood
Damion James
DaSagana Diop
2014 2nd Round Pick

I liked this trade because:

Haywood is trash, I get rid of Gordon which opens up more playing time for Gerald Henderson, get rid of Diop and get a potential lottery pick - plus this gives me roughly 4 million dollars in cap space.

New starting lineup:

PG - Kemba Walker (Averaging 18/6/4)
SG - Gerald Henderson (Averaging 15/2/2)
SF - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Averaging 20/8/4/2/2)
PF - Bismack Biyombo (Averaging 7/11/3/3)
C - Byron Mullens (Averaging 12/8/3)

Bench Rotation:

Ramon Sessions (Averaging 7/7/4)
Tyrus Thomas (Averaging 7/4)
Richard Jefferson (Averaging 7/3/3)
Andris Biedrins (Averaging 2/6/2)

First game following the trade with the Warriors Gerald Henderson dropped 49 points and Kemba went 20 Points/19 Assists/10 Rebounds.
Made another trade:

I get:

Jeff Green
Fab Melo
2013 1st Round Pick

Celtics get:

Tyrus Thomas
Jeff Taylor
Draymond Green
2013 1st Round Pick

I'm honestly shocked the Celtics accepted this trade. First off, I get rid of Tyrus Thomas and his ridiculous contract. Secondly, I get Green back, who's better than Tyrus, plus I get Fab Melo. Also, it looks like the first round pick I get from the Celtics will be a higher pick than the one I gave them, and if not, they will both be in the high teens or 20's. Plus I still have that Warriors pick.

Also, the game has Green on a 1 year/7 million dollar deal. So I just signed Green to a 4 yr/28 million dollar extension. This also gives me a legitimate scoring threat off of the bench, which was something I was desperately needing.

My record right now is 21-11.
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