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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
People are just stubborn, stupid, ignorant, etc. I think Treyarch is to blame. They declared war on a legitimate play style, and now everyone is a *** for what they do. Sniper? ***. Headglitcher? ***. SMG user? ***. Where does it stop?

BO2 has some cheap stuff though. Headglitching, target finders, lack of stealth, you know all the good stuff. But people are idiots. They try to rush people with SMGs while using an assault rifle. Well guess what, smartass, you are going to get raped. And nobody makes adjustments. Sniper in the house? Yeah, just keep running into his line of sight with your from across the map with your assault rifle and think you will win. Once that dumbass gets OHKO'd, he bitches that sniper rifles shouldn't be in the game. Read the BO2 forum, people actually say that.

Although, I do those two things with my AN-94 and come out on top, lol. And I think I have a permanent class:
-Force Grip
-Quickdraw Handle
F-J18 Launcher
Tactical Mask
Bouncing Betty
Primary Gunfighter Wildcard

Tactical Mask powers right through shock charges, I have no clue how many times this perk saved me in gunfights or allowed me to get the campers by surprise. Betties will get any non-Flak Jacket user with ease.

I read that Treyarch made this game more for competitive gamers. Not so much the casual gamers. Cant say if this is accurate because I dont know what competitive style games are but thats the talk I've seen in BO2 thread on another board.

AN-94 is such a good gun. I'm debating between taking that gun or Ghost when I prestige. Most likely Ghost.
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