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Default Re: A Deadly Divide Between Red and Blue

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh's_license_in_the_United_States

You can get your license at the age of 15 in the following states:

Montana (ranked 4th highest)
New Mexico (ranked 11th highest)
South Carolina (ranked 8th highest)

In North Dakota (14th highest) and South Dakota (9th highest) you can get your DL at the age of 14!

In New Jersey you have to be 17 (5th lowest), and in many of the Northeast states, you have to be 16 and 6 months.

I know it seems trivial, but maybe those additional 6 months could possibly save several lives.

It's not necessarily how early you get it (though too early does have an impact) but how long you drive. A 21 year old with no experience is worse than a 21 year old with 5 years of driving under his belt generally.
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