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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief, Hamas don't stop firing rockets into Israel

Originally Posted by DCL
when i visited lebanon a couple years ago, i remember passing by something that looked like a ghetto flea market. when we stopped at a nearby gas station for a piss break, our tour guide said that area wasn't a local flea market, but actually a camp for palestinian refuges who had nowhere to go when they lost their land. the refuges were living in dirty tents. pretty horrible conditions like a sh!t hole. they've been there for several decades too, and they pretty much live as 5th class citizens. by law, they aren't allowed to get regular jobs, and their children, even if born in lebanon, are forever recognized as refuges only and do not have much rights at all. needless to say, it's a pretty f--ked up social and economic condition. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to observe why some of them are so pissed off and pushed off the edge.
And Israel is responsible for the way Lebanon treats them?
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