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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Roy is infuriating.

Love the man. Wouldn't rather have any other coach in the country when you consider all the tasks a head coach must deal with (I mean, he shot down Kevin Durant for his principles, ffs). Coach Smith's teaching are fudamental to him and I greatly respect that, especially in the age of AAU basketball. I also realize UNC doesn't have a ton of moral ground to stand on right now, but the basketball program is clean. At least that still follows the "Carolina Way" and that is the way it needs to remain.

But this man is so ****ing stubborn.

I could go on for 10 paragraphs while covering many different facets of that thesis. I'm not going to, though.

All I will is Roy needs to unleash PJ. I don't know what PJ ever did him to be in his doghouse since his arrival at UNC. He takes 1 bad shot and he's yanked. Dex takes 3 horrible shots and he stays in the game until he gives the fatigue sign. Give me a break already.

You give PJ a little leash to play with and he can become the best player on the team. I just don't understand why... And the thing is, PJ has actually developed into a good defensive player. He's terrific on the boards. You punch him in the face, he will murder you. He's everything the team needs.
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