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Default Re: who will win ROY this year? and DROY?

Y'all already know my opinion. Griffindor Magic Baby

Originally Posted by Jackass18
I don't think the Colts will make the playoffs. I'm not sure who will take the WC spots other than Pittsburgh though. I'd guess Cincy. ROY is up in the air. RGIII is almost due to start having some bad games.

Or he'll just continute to improve and further prove his excellence and shutting up for naysayers who bitched bout how much we gave up for a transcendental player. Stop sounding like a beaten, jaded pessimist Redskins fandom of old regime.

Doug Martin has been absolutely incredible worthy.

I'm a huge Andrew Luck fan and he has transitioned about as well as I envisioned. He's already starting a future HOf career off the right way.

However, RG has been so efficicent and been a single-handed problem unlike any other PLAYER thus far, let alone rookie. 3 INT all year. The only other QBs in the whole league with 4:1 TD: INT ratio are Rodgers, Brady and Josh Freeman
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