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Default Re: Israel's Assassination of Hamas Chief, Hamas don't stop firing rockets into Israel

Originally Posted by bmulls
Hamas executes 6 suspected Israeli collaborators, drag bodies through the streets

I'm not gonna embed this pic because it's fcked up:

And here's some video before Millwad calls the whole thing a fake

These are the people Israel is trying to "negotiate" with, lol

Extremely disgusting.

And I don't call anything with reliable sources fake, my discussion with Nick-Young was about the fact that he used the most worthless sources just to push for his agenda. Sites like a zionist blog, another blog which he claimed was from Huffington Post when in reality it was just some random guy from Texas who used the name "Huffington Post" in his blogspot-name. And another of his sources was the words of a soldier he claimed that he met when he was 14 years old.. And he was also trying to misinform people regarding events in the past, like Camp David. All I asked for was some reliable sources and honest posts instead of trying to misinform people.

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